12 People on a Cardboard Bed? No problem!

After we put some cardboard decoration and cardboard lighting into our home it’s now time for some serious stuff: Would you dare to sleep on a bed that’s made of cardboard?

First, let’s see the apparent advantage besides its low carbon footprint: If you have ever helped a friend moving, and he or she didn’t happen to live on the ground floor, the bed was surely one of the most unpopular items to transport. Now, a paper bed weighs only as much as the boxes you would normally use to move your wooden bed in and can be set up in 10 minutes. Nevertheless, Karton’s cardboard bed can handle a ton of weight which is about the weight of 12 adults (see the video proof). So there is no need to worry about turbulent nights.

What I probably like best about the design is that the same bed can be set up as single, double, queen or king size bed (120-180cm W x 30cm H x 203cm D), depending on the way one folds the inner supporting structure.

On the downside, I’d be a bit worried about the ventilation of my mattress since the bed has a closed surface. It’s to be proved if stability can be kept by cutting some holes on the top. Again, the bed can be easily colored to blend in with the rest of the bedroom furniture like this wonderful cardboard shelf system.

Design by Karton, via sprk

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Cut-out cardboard lamp to carry light

I’m amazed by the simplicity and expressiveness of this cardboard lamp. The outer form is just a box. Only the inner negative form provides its unique style and transports the idea of a lamp.

By putting different colored foils over the cut-out the lamp fills every room with a sensual atmosphair, as can be seen in the images below. Cardboard, like no other material, invites to further work with it, transfer it, personalize it, use it. That’s why the designers also thought of a Gaudi-style version that’s like a color-me book for grown-up hipsters. Silver and gold cater for upper class customers.

10 points for style and simplicity!

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A Box is a Box – don’t waste it

When I as a student moved into my first flat, I already had every piece of furniture at hand: Two cardboard boxes were comfortable to sit on, a big box with plate served as a preliminary table and the packing cases which I used to transport my clothes in became a closet for themselves, once I put them on top of each other with the open side facing the room.

In a way, I’m missing the unburdened feeling of having a closet that could move with the clothes inside, instead of having a big, bulky chunk of wood sitting in my room that gives me nightmares when I only think about my next relocation.

Designer Tim Brown didn’t use old packing cases but instead created a neat set of furniture that’s not coming in a box – but is the box itself! His Idea* boxes ship with various prints on the inside that after unpacking unfolding become the outside walls. This definitely adds style and seriousness to a typical student workaround solution for outfitting a room.

Actually, Tim’s box designs come pretty close to my ideal of fitting everything I need into one backpack: All furniture would then be on a USB-Stick in the form of lasercut-blueprints with custom print designs. So, to whatever country I would go, all I’d need is a copy shop to print out my bed, my boards, my everything the way I customized and liked it before…

Designer: Tim Brown

via Yanko Design

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Clever cardboard helmet, stronger than plastic

If you are already riding a 9$ cardboard bicycle, all you need to complete your outfit is this stylish cardboard helmet. As most cardboard articles are, this one is lighter than the conventional plastic helmet and due to its’ clever arrangement of cardboard bars it’s even four times stronger than polystyrene. Hit the jump for a video if you don’t trust it yet.

For serious bikers I would recommend some more rain-proof venting shafts and washable pads to rests on  bikers’ sweaty heads. Yet, there is no need to worry about rain since the cardboard is mixed with “waterproof acrylic compound” and is covered with a colorful acrylic surface.

Kranium began as a student project but apparently caught the attention of some bike-wear manufacturers, so we remain curious about when the first head protectors hit the road…

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Two storied cardboard office without screws

Is it possible to furnish a whole room only with cardboard? Yes, this advertising agency even managed to build 2 story structures in their office loft. What’s even better is, they didn’t use one screw or glue! The cardboards are simply stuck together in a clever way.

Gallery: This entire office space is made from stiff cardboard

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This cardboard bike resists the elements

Eventually this guy managed to build a bike – that even looks like a bike – from cardboard. It is not only lightweight and durable, but also costs as little as 9 USD in mass production. Just think about how much mobility you can bring to certain communities for just 9 Bucks! Hit the jump to see a video of the design process…

Recycled Cardboard Bike

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A reindeer for tasteful vegetarians

Definitely no animals were harmed in the production of this reindeer trophy. The sweet idea for a wall decoration also doubles as a lamp. Hit the jump to see how the shadow brings the rest of the animal alive. Like most cardboard products, Philou le Caribou can be taken apart and fold flat when you need to move.

Update: If you’d rather go on a safari than hunting in the woods, you can do this  the cardboard way on cardboardsafari.com.

Designers: Maxime Dubreucq, Vincent Claudepierre, & Benoit Louzaouen

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