A Box is a Box – don’t waste it

When I as a student moved into my first flat, I already had every piece of furniture at hand: Two cardboard boxes were comfortable to sit on, a big box with plate served as a preliminary table and the packing cases which I used to transport my clothes in became a closet for themselves, once I put them on top of each other with the open side facing the room.

In a way, I’m missing the unburdened feeling of having a closet that could move with the clothes inside, instead of having a big, bulky chunk of wood sitting in my room that gives me nightmares when I only think about my next relocation.

Designer Tim Brown didn’t use old packing cases but instead created a neat set of furniture that’s not coming in a box – but is the box itself! His Idea* boxes ship with various prints on the inside that after unpacking unfolding become the outside walls. This definitely adds style and seriousness to a typical student workaround solution for outfitting a room.

Actually, Tim’s box designs come pretty close to my ideal of fitting everything I need into one backpack: All furniture would then be on a USB-Stick in the form of lasercut-blueprints with custom print designs. So, to whatever country I would go, all I’d need is a copy shop to print out my bed, my boards, my everything the way I customized and liked it before…

Designer: Tim Brown

via Yanko Design

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