Clever cardboard helmet, stronger than plastic

If you are already riding a 9$ cardboard bicycle, all you need to complete your outfit is this stylish cardboard helmet. As most cardboard articles are, this one is lighter than the conventional plastic helmet and due to its’ clever arrangement of cardboard bars it’s even four times stronger than polystyrene. Hit the jump for a video if you don’t trust it yet.

For serious bikers I would recommend some more rain-proof venting shafts and washable pads to rests on  bikers’ sweaty heads. Yet, there is no need to worry about rain since the cardboard is mixed with “waterproof acrylic compound” and is covered with a colorful acrylic surface.

Kranium began as a student project but apparently caught the attention of some bike-wear manufacturers, so we remain curious about when the first head protectors hit the road…

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